Meet The Founders

Zero Reasons started with two siblings who thought, “Hey, let's do something about mental health and adverse topics using music!" They knew firsthand how tough it could be because they had some friends and family dealing with some of these tricky, stigmatized issues. And guess what? They wanted to help by using their talents.

These teens didn't stop there. Growing up in a military family, they did a bunch of volunteer work all over the place – in different states and various communities. It was during these times that they saw the power of positive music. Seeing these people have happiness, was like witnessing a superhero that preformed the best act of service while others were going through tough times.

So, what's Zero Reasons all about? It's not just making awesome music; it's about creating a community where everyone's welcomed and valued. They believe music can be like a buddy, helping you feel better and stronger regardless of your current life situation.

Their hope is that Zero Reasons will be the “go-to” for anyone who needs to be reminded that they are not alone and that their are people who care.