Meet Megan, also known by her stage name, Riot. Through her stage persona, she believes in spreading the message that it's acceptable to stand up for mental health awareness. She said, "riots are often seen negatively, yet they often spark necessary change." This reflects her belief that sometimes disruption is necessary to highlight important issues, much like how riots, despite their negative connotations, can ultimately lead to positive outcomes.

In the world of music, Riot has unearthed her deepest passion. Beginning with her inaugural piano lesson at just eight years old, to leading a youth band during her high school years, she has kept music as a focus in her life.  From refining her musical talents within her church community or exploring secular avenues, her path has continually centered on her desire to uplift others through her talents. Her strong Christian faith and musical journey has consistently revolved around her desire to positively impact the lives of others through her musical gifts.

Riot is set to graduate college this Spring 2024 with a degree in Psychology. Her ambitions extend beyond the classroom. She has also founded a small business that she plans to grow in time. Her goal is to obtain a Doctorate in Psychology so she can guide young individuals on a path of collective discovery. When she's not hitting the books or making music, Riot devotes her spare time to coaching teens in music at an Arizona-based nonprofit organization as well as independently. Riot, is more than just a musician. She's a passionate advocate, a budding psychologist, and a mentor to aspiring young musicians. With her energy and drive, there's no telling how far she'll go.