King Obe

Obediah, better known by his stage name King Obe the bassist and co-founder of Zero Reasons Band. King Obe aims to lead by example and serve as a leading advocate for mental health awareness around the world, demonstrating both strength and compassion in equal measure. Despite being the youngest member of the band, King Obe is renowned for his commitment to success through his business skills, and approachable demeanor, making him a beloved figure both on and off stage.

Alongside his musical talents, he's known for his athleticism, compassion for animals, and dedication to community service.

Growing up in a military family exposed King Obe to various cultures, shaping his understanding of music, sports, and community involvement. As a young man of faith, he strives to be a positive influence on those around him. 

Together with his sister Beyah Bee, he established Zero Reasons, the world's only mental health awarness and advocacy band, in January 2023.

King Obe's musical journey began at an early age, experimenting with different instruments before discovering his true passion for the bass guitar at the age of 12. For him, music is a means of expressing the soul of each song, a sentiment he brings to every performance.

King Obe believes music is a personal journey, just like any form of art. That's why he and Beyah Bee aimed to craft a sound that resonates with everyone. Together, they tirelessly develop their genre, called eclectic indie, blending elements from various generations and genres to create a unique and universally loved sound with a powerful message. 

King Obe continously shares the message that there’s "Zero Reasons not to help others." He believes that by using music to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels free to be themselves, they can all build relationships where all individuals feel accepted, valued, and comfortable seeking help if needed.