Meet Alex, aka Flip, the rythmic force behind the Zero Reasons Band. Although he is not very social around most people, once he takes hold of his drumsticks, he becomes a whirlwind of energy, unleashing beats that speak louder than words.

Why "Flip"? It's not just a name—it's a statement. Flip is all about empowerment, especially when it comes to mental health advocacy. He’s all about flipping the script, breaking down barriers, and sparking important conversations through his music. For him, drumming is more than just hitting the skins; it's a powerful tool for challenging stigma and promoting understanding.His musical journey began early, thanks to his dad’s influence and a mini drum kit that kick-started his love for rhythm. 

But Flip's passion extends beyond the stage. As an Eagle Scout and dedicated volunteer, he’s logged over four hundred service hours, often spending his weekends drumming up support at his Community Church and lending a hand to various community projects.

Flip has been drumming with purpose, refining his skills and eventually taking on the role of lead drummer at his community church.

Driven by his Christian faith, Flip sees his musical talents as a way to spread empathy and love in the world. Whether he’s gathering food for local food banks or helping organize community events, his drumming is always in service of something greater.

As he prepares to graduate from high school with his Associates degree, Flip has his sights set on mechanical engineering. He dreams of using his future career to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, from climate change to creating innovations that could change lives for the better.

So, the next time you see Flip behind those drums, know that there’s more than just rhythm in his beats—there’s a whole lot of heart and a determination to make a difference in the world.