Cee Major

Meet Christian! Also known as Cee-Major, one of the guitarists of Zero Reasons. The C-major chord is a universally recognized and appreciated across cultures and musical genres. Whereas Cee wants to make mental health awareness just as accessible for all. He's more than just a guy with a guitar – he's a mental health leader for those who feel lost in the noise of society. 

Growing up, Cee witnessed firsthand the struggles of close family and friends battling conditions like autism, ADHD, and anxiety. It hit close to home, igniting a fire in him to be a voice for those who felt overlooked. That's why he's all about spreading awareness and being there for anyone going through tough times.

But don't let the serious stuff fool you – Cee's got a devious sense of humor with an old soul that shines through in his music. Rooted in his unwavering Christian faith, Cee doesn't just strum strings; he spins tales that tug at your heart and leave you feeling understood. His contagious laughter and compassion for others truly sets Cee apart in his ability to make genuine connections.

Cee is a self taught guitarist learning to play and add to the compositions through feeling.  Offstage, Cee's busy giving back as a Boy Scout and volunteering his time with amazing nonprofits like the Special Olympics. He also takes pride in organizing school and food drives for the less fortunate.

Cee's all about making the world a better place, one note and one act of kindness at a time.

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