Beyah Bee

Nevaeh, better known by her stage name,  Beyah Bee, is a talented musician who has been perfecting her craft since she was about 14 years old. This amazing artist, and entrepreneur has a passion for making a difference. Beyah is passionate about mental health advocacy. Through peer-led mentorship and her own experiences, she recognizes the importance of supporting others and promoting well-being. Her Christian faith serves as a guiding force in her life, providing strength and inspiration. She continues to use her passion to help others and contributes to various charitable causes, volunteering any way she can. She believes in using her talents to spread message that you matter! 

She discovered her love for music at a young age, finding inspiration in diverse genres. She pursued her dream of learning the guitar with determination and with help from her father. Nevaeh chose the stage name Beyah Bee to honor her family who gave her the nickname, 'Bella', which means beautiful in both Italian and Spanish. She wanted to make the name a reflection of how she sees all life. Her brother's suggestion, of spelling it as "Beyah" combines her nickname and stagename, while the second part of her stage name "Bee" is a personal connection for her that she holds close to her heart. It symbolizes the importance that even the smallest actions enhance life, echoing her belief that everyone matters, while reminding others to "bee" yourself.

Beyah Bee's commitment to making a positive impact, led her to Co-found Zero Reasons. Her intention is to create beautiful moments through the power of music.